Just a lot of doodles. Doodles. Doodles. Doodles.

The cardboard knight

My first tatoo!!!
I must have done everything the T. Artist instructed me to, down to the last letter, If the instructions were to do the very opposite of what he said. It’s not the pain, it’s the after-pain pain that’s a pain in the fart. It looks way better now, when all the swelling is gone.

Quick sketches

Anonymous said: i like your art lots

Thank you!

Break time doodles. I just wanted to use my highlighter on something else than my books
World beyond the window.
Coffee break doodles. I’m so tired of studying. It’s been 6 straight hours. Sigh
Break time sketches
Quick poison ivy for y’all
Lord of the Flies

One of my favorite books. And by some great misfortune i can relate more to jack than ralph. And by that i mean that if i was trapped in a deserted island with some of my friends, i might end up killing most of them

Also apparently i dont know what a conch looks like